How to Clear Saved Networks on Republic Legacy (1.0/2.0) Phones

 No longer supported

The phone(s) described in this article can no longer be activated with Republic. Please see Republic Wireless Phones for information on currently supported phones.


  • To clear out all saved Wi-fi network configurations


  • Republic legacy phones using Android Kitkat or Lollipop (Moto E1, Moto E2, Moto G1, Moto G3, Moto X1, Moto X2)


  1. Go to the Settings app then tap Wi-fi
  2. Tap the icon with three dots (options) in the top right and tap to Saved networks
  3. Tap on each network in this list and choose Forget to remove it
  4. Repeat this until the list is empty
  5. Go back to Wi-fi and turn it OFF, then back ON
  6. Attempt to reconnect to your Wi-fi network, entering any required password
  7. Make sure the status says Connected and re-test your connection

Additional Notes

This may eliminate any problems resulting from a saved configuration, and functions similar to Resetting your Network Settings, a feature which is not available on Android versions prior to Android Marshmallow.


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