How to Check the Liquid Damage Indicator for the Samsung Galaxy S8


  • To check the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) to see if the phone's SIM slot has been exposed to moisture


  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+


  1. Remove the SIM tray completely and look down into the slot
  2. You should see a small sticker inside the slot
    1. Use a flashlight to help if necessary
  3. If the sticker is still white, then that part of the phone has not been exposed to liquids
  4. If the sticker has turned red, purple or pink then moisture has gotten into that part of the phone at some point

Additional Notes

  • There are multiple areas where the phone might be exposed to liquid and damaged, this should not be seen as a guarantee that the phone has never been damaged due to liquid
  • If you believe the phone has been exposed, this may help in determining the level of exposure
  • This is the only LDI which is externally visible and able to be checked without a technician

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