Texts Are Received Half in Chinese or with Symbols or Emojis


  • Text messages are received encoded in Chinese characters



Our engineers are aware of this issue and are investigating with our messaging provider.

  1. Ensure that you are using Android Messages as your default messaging application
  2. Ask your sender to break the message into smaller parts to send, for now.
  3. Monitor our incident status page for updates.
  4. If you would like staff attention, you may open a help ticket
    • Explain the issue with as much detail as possible. Do you know what kind of phone the sender has? Do you know who their cell phone company us?
    • Request to be added to master ticket 1914541 so that you will receive updates as the issue is resolved.


Republic Wireless uses industry-standard UTF-8 encoding for text messages and does not support other encoding formats. Texts received with nonsense characters are likely sent with UTF-32 or a different unsupported encoding format. Emojis or very long text messages are often the catalyst for this issue. 


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