Texts Are Received Half in Chinese or with Symbols or Emojis


  • Text messages will appear with incorrect Chinese characters or emojis



  1. Ensure that you are using Android Messages as your default messaging application
  2. If the other party is sending the message from an Android phone, having them use Android Messages should resolve the issue
  3. If you continue to receive Chinese characters in your received messages, open a help ticket
    • Request to be added to bug: 1508934
    • Provide the following so an agent can escalate your example: 
      • What cellular provider/network your Friend/associate is on
      • Sending telephone number
      • Receiving telephone number
      • Date and time the message was received


Republic Wireless uses industry-standard UTF-8 encoding for text messages and does not support other encoding formats. Texts received with nonsense characters are likely sent with UTF-32 or a different unsupported encoding format. Emojis are often the catalyst for this issue. If the issue persists while both parties use Android Messages or if the other device is not an Android phone, the sender can possibly explore ways with their carrier to change how texts are encoded.


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