What is the Difference Between Data Saver and Data Freeze?



Data Saver is a an option in the phone's Settings app which can help restrict data used by third-party apps. You can still elect to allow unrestricted data use for same apps while Data Saver is otherwise enabled.

Data Freeze is a setting you turn on through the Republic Wireless app which blocks all data usage for third-party apps.

Additional Notes

Since calling and texting require the cell data setting to be on in the phone's Settings app, the best way to stop all third-party data use is to enable data freeze in the Republic Wireless app. With just Data Saver enabled, you may still find some apps still use data. For any further issues with data use, please open a help ticket.

How to Turn Data Saver On or Off

How to Enable or Disable Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless Application


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