How to Confirm a Phone You Have or Will Purchase Is Compatible with Republic Wireless


  • To ensure a phone that wasn't purchased from Republic Wireless is capable of being activated



If you already have the phone:

  1. Remove any current SIM cards from the phone
  2. Install the Republic Wireless application
  3. Once installed, open the Republic Wireless app 
    • If the application says the phone is not compatible, then it cannot be used with Republic
    • If it is compatible, it will prompt you to buy a SIM card

If you haven't purchased the phone yet:

  1. On a browser, go to the Republic Wireless Compatibility Checker
  2. Select Get Started
  3. Confirm there is coverage at your location and then select Continue
  4. Select I haven't bought my phone yet and then select Continue to phones
  5. Select Brand 
  6. Choose the Manufacturer of the phone you will want to use
    • If you do not see the Manufacturer/Brand listed that you would like to use, then the phone is not compatible with Republic Wireless
  7. After selecting a Brand, select a phone from the Model Name field
  8. Select Check Compatibility
  9. Follow the steps listed to ensure you pick a phone that is compatible with Republic Wireless

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