How to Confirm a Phone You Have or Will Purchase Is Compatible with Republic Wireless


  • To ensure a phone that wasn't purchased from Republic Wireless is capable of being activated



If you already have the phone:

  1. Remove any current SIM cards from the phone
  2. Install the Republic Wireless application
  3. Once installed, open the Republic Wireless app 
    • If the application says the phone is not compatible, then it cannot be used with Republic
    • If it is compatible, it will prompt you to buy a SIM card

If you haven't purchased the phone yet:

  1. On a browser, find the phone you're looking to purchase on our compatible phones list
  2. Click the name of the phone you're interested in
  3. Scroll down to the middle of the page and click Already bought the phone!
  4. Follow the steps listed to ensure you pick a phone that is compatible with Republic Wireless

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