Why Do I Not Get Reliable Service in Roaming?


  • GSM coverage
  • CDMA coverage


When in a roaming area, your phone is connecting to our GSM or CDMA partners' roaming service, or the local cellular network in that area. These local carriers sign roaming contacts with our cellular partners, but the coverage is subject to change and could be removed at any time. 

Settings you can check on your phone to make sure it can roam successfully: 

Potential to switch cellular networks: 

  • Our My Choice Plans (3.0) have the option of switching cellular carriers for some phones. If you would like to switch cellular carriers to see if you get better service in your area, please open a help ticket and a support agent will assist you in making sure your phone is compatible. 


Additional Notes

Republic Wireless My Choice as well as Republic Wireless 1.0 plans include roaming talk and text, but not roaming data.

In some areas, one or both may not be available based on the roaming partner's service availability. 

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