What Software Channels are Compatible with Republic Wireless?



  • Software Channels RETUS (Retail USA OR US Retail), FI (Google Fi), and AMZ (Amazon) are compatible with our systems and the phone should be able to activate on our network.
  • If your phone's software channel is something other than the channels listed above, it will not be compatible with our service

Additional Notes

  • Software channels listed below are NOT compatible with Republic systems, although activation with our GSM cellular partner may complete on rare occasions.
    • ATTMX = AT&T Mexico
    • BELLCA = Bell Canada
    • CC = Consumer Cellular
    • LRA = LTE in Rural America
    • MOVLA = Movistar Latin America
    • MSTLA = Movistar Latin America
    • MSTCL = Movistar Colombia
    • ORANGE = Orange (France)
    • RCICA = Rogers Communications, Inc. Canada.
    • RETAPAC = Retail Asia Pacific region
    • RETASIA = Retail Asia
    • RETBR = Retail Brasil
    • RETEU = Retail Europe
    • RETCA = Retail Canada
    • RETIN = Retail India
    • RETLA = Retail Latin America
    • RETMX = Retail Mexico
    • RGRCA = Rogers Canada
    • TIMBR = Tim Brasil
    • TKPCA = Telus Canada
    • USC = US Cellular
    • VZW/VERIZON = Verizon Wireless USA
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