Why Do I Need to Update My E911 Address?



"Enhanced" 911 (E911) sends your actual location (longitude and latitude) as well as additional info, such as name, account info, and what hospitals/911 offices are near you to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). The E911 address is the location that emergency personnel (police/fire/ambulance) will see as your listed address if you were to call them, and were unable to communicate.  

Additional Notes

To add your E911 address check out this article: How to Add an E911 Address

Not all PSAPs support E911, but federal laws encourage them to upgrade.
Republic Wireless supports both Traditional 911 and E911, but does not currently support text-to-911

You may save up to three addresses to your phone number, so when you dial 911, emergency responders can locate you quickly and easily


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