How to Use the Camera on a Moto X 4th Gen


  • Use the camera functions for the Moto X 4th Gen



  1. Go to the Home Screen
  2. Drag the arrow symbol up
  3. Choose Camera
    • If a screen appears about shutter type you will choose an option and tap Next
    • You may also be asked if you wish to enable Location Tags
  4. To zoom in or out, make a pinch gesture on the screen
  5. Swipe to the right
    • The camera settings can be changed in this screen.
  6. Swipe to the left twice
    • To view recent photos taken and scroll through them
    • To share the picture, choose the share icon in the bottom left, choose and tap an option
  7. To switch between camera and video mode, choose the camera symbol in the bottom right and choose Video.
  8. To switch between the front and back camera, choose the camera switch icon in the bottom left of the screen
  9. To take a picture, tap the shutter icon in the bottom middle of the screen, or press either of the volume buttons on the side of the phone 
    • If using the shutter icon, make sure to hold your finger horizontally if necessary to avoid accidentally tapping the Home icon
  10. Return to the Home screen by tapping the Home icon in the bottom middle

Additional Notes

  • Tip: To enable all features and get optimized performance, visit the Play Store to ensure you are running the latest version of Motorola Camera

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