My Phone Vibrates and Turns on but the Screen Is Completely Black


  • Phone turns ON because it vibrates and makes sound but the screen is completely black
  • The screen isn't responding
  • Phone started turning OFF randomly few months prior to this issue



Please perform the following steps in order and make sure to retest the issue between each steps:

  1. Remove any phone case and/or screen protector if there is any
  2. Force Reboot Your Phone
  3. Next, if the issue persists, please Clear the System Cache
  4. If the screen is still black, Perform an External Factory Reset
    • Note: This step will delete all of the data on your phone
  5. If the issue persists after the reset, we're ready to help you at 866-550-9843

Additional Notes

An external factory reset will reset your phone to a cleared state - apps, internal memory, contacts, photos/videos, or other personal info will not be backed up or synced automatically.