How to View Data Usage for a Specific Date on Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones



  • To see which apps used data on a specific date



  1. Open the Republic App
  2. Tap the white rectangle showing cell data used
    • Note: It also says See where your data is going
  3. Tap on the bar graph one time
  4. Drag the black date selection bars (on either side of the bar graph) together so that only one day is included in the date range
  5. Scroll down through the bottom section to see data usage by app
  6. Tap an app to get the bar graph to show how much of the day's data was related to that app
  7. If doing this for a Help Ticket, take a screenshot of this page
    • Note: It may require more than one screenshot to capture all of the information on this page
  8. Attach screenshots to your ticket through the Gmail appthe Outlook appthe Yahoo app, or your preferred email app

Additional Notes

To send full data usage to Republic Wireless for assistance follow the process in:

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