How to Block Robocalls/Spam Calls & Voicemails Using the Republic Wireless App


  • Block calls from robocalls/spam calls using the Republic Wireless application



  1. Open the Republic Wireless app
  2. Tap the gear icon at the top of the page
  3. Tap on Call and Voicemail Settings
  4. Tap on Configure spam call blocking
  5. Choose either Block spam calls or Block spam calls & voicemails
    • Block spam calls: Republic will block calls from suspected spammers. These calls may still go to voicemail.
    • Block spam calls & voicemails: In addition to blocking suspected spam calls from ringing your phone, Republic will also block spammers from leaving voicemails.


Additional Notes

  • To disable this feature, follow steps above, but for step 5, choose Don't block calls
  • If you believe a number is being blocked by this feature that is not a spam caller, simply disable the feature, and let us know by Opening a Help Ticket and reporting your experience
  • Note: It is possible that this feature will not prevent all spam calls from reaching your phone. Blocking spam callers is a tricky effort, as spam callers are constantly changing numbers, and spoofing legitimate phone numbers. For this feature, Republic Wireless is using a proprietary method of determining and blocking only the calls that are most likely to be spam, while maintaining a goal of not blocking any non-spam calls.
  • To block specific numbers from your Phone app, please see How to Block Calls on Phones with Android Nougat 7.0 or Higher


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