Anywhere Error Code: RA-406 Unacceptable App Version


  • Unable to update Republic Anywhere desktop application
  • Anywhere Error Code: RA-406 Unacceptable App Version
  • App Version Not Supported message: "current version of app not supported"


  • Republic Anywhere Desktop Application
  • Beta member users of Republic Anywhere 


  1. Uninstall the Anywhere app on your computer
  2. Reinstall the Anywhere app from the appropriate link
    • For PC's, click here
    • For Mac's, click here


The reason for the error is that the Anywhere app looks at the Service Line when logging in, and ensures you are using a "compatible" app version. At this point in the Beta, there is a good chance that using the non-Beta app with a Beta SL could cause an issue. Thus, our devs have set the app version requirement to avoid those issues.


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