How to Download Photos From Google Photos to a Windows 7 Computer


  • To download wanted photos from Google Photos to a computer running Windows 7


  • Windows 7 
  • Internet Browser
  • Google Photos


  1. Open an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome
  2. Click on the address bar at the top and type in
  3. Click Sign In
  4. Enter your Google email and click Next
  5. Enter your Google password and click Next, this should sign you in and take you back to
  6. Click on the 9 dots on the top right 
  7. Select Google Photos from the list that drops down
  8. Hover the mouse over a photo and a check mark should appear. Click on the check mark
  9. Check mark all the photos you would like to download
  10. Once selected, click on the three dots by the garbage can on the top right
  11. Click on Download
  12. This will download all of the pictures you selected to the Downloads folder on your computer

Additional Notes

To download photos to phones please see: How to Download a Photo from the Google Photos Application

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