How Do I Sell My Used Republic Wireless Phone?


  • Used Republic Wireless Phones
  • Online Marketplaces


  1. If you'd like to keep your phone number, you can Change Phones and Keep Your Number or Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless
  2. Cancel Your Republic Wireless Service on the service line
  3. Back Up Your Personal Data and Files
  4. Disable the "kill Switch" for your phone by performing a factory reset through the Settings menu
  5. Protect your personal information
    • Be wary of a buyer who want access to your Republic Wireless account or wants you to "transfer" your account
  6. Use a verified payment source; avoid money transfer services, as these are hard to verify and track

Additional Notes

When selling your phone, it is beneficial to add the phone model, device ID, condition, included accessories, and a link to helpful knowledge center documents. If someone has never heard of Republic Wireless, they'll want to know a little more about us 



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