What 3rd Party Apps Are Problematic with Republic Wireless?



From member interactions and testing with lab phones, the following third-party applications have been shown to cause potential issues with Republic Wireless phones and service: 

  • aCalendar+ - Causes issues with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Apartment Finder - Causes issue connecting to WiFi 
  • Apartments.com - Causes issue connecting to WiFi 
  • Automatic Call Recorder - Causes issue with audio over wifi calls
  • Avast AV  - Can cause WiFi connection issues and cell signal to fluctuate. Also appears to be related to the "Messaging has stopped" issue.
  • Battery Doctor - can 'kill functions' on the phone, this could turn off various features
  • Battery Widget Reborn  - Disables data connection
  • Brainword - Cause "not available" errors
  • Brother iPrint app - Can cause inbound calls not to ring on WiFi
  • Call Blocker Free - Blacklist - causes MMS app crash issues
  • Call Blocker Pro - impacts Voicemail notifications from appearing on the phone
  • Call Recorder - Interferes with WiFi audio transmission 
  • Call Volume Booster by D&V - Causes MMS app crash issues
  • Clean Sweep/Clean Master - Causes Messaging app to fail; "pictures will be stuck in sending" or "sending stuck" 
  • Cloudmagic - Causes Messaging app to fail
  • CM Security - Causes Messaging app to fail
  • Contacts+ - Interferes with calls, blocking phone numbers in use
  • Covenant Eyes - Recognizable SIM card interference; It works like a VPN and may prevent service from working via cellular data 
  • CVS - Causes issues with connecting to 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Duck Duck Go VPN - Causes issues with WiFi and Data connectivity
  • Dunkin Donuts - May cause phone to lose WiFi connection
  • FitBit - May cause "no service" issues with texts, calls, and mobile data
  • Foxfi - Causes "not available" errors 
  • Flashlight Apps - Can cause issues with camera functions
  • GasBuddy - Causes remembered WiFi networks not to be remembered. Also, phone fails to work at a hotspot.
  • Ingress Battery Widget - This app appears to disable data/internet
  • Jawbone "UP" - Causes issues with WiFi connectivity
  • Hulu - Can cause audio issues with videos
  • Hiya - Call blocking application - uses a community database of numbers, and may block numbers without member input, if a number they can't get calls or voicemail messages from happens to be in the database
  • llama - Location profiles - Will cause WiFi to connect and disconnect
  • Lux Dash - Auto brightness app that can cause the screen to appear RED-Ex 255169
  • MMS Saver - Number Unreachable over WiFi
  • Mobile Go - Caused issues with keyboard, specifically P and L letters
  • Netguard- Causes SMS issue, not able to texts without WiFi or data
  • Mr Number - Causes SMS issue, mainly not to send
  • My Radar - Causes remembered WiFi networks not to be remembered
  • Pinger - Causes issues with making/receiving calls and text 
  • Phone Color Caller Screen - Will prevent do not disturb from working.  Drains data on every received call.
  • Poynt - Will cause issue with WiFi connecting
  • Ringtone Maker - Will make inbound calls go directly to voicemail
  • Runkeeper - Causes remembered WiFi networks not to be remembered
  • Smart Scan - lots of advertisements; political ads were noted by members  
  • Super-Bright LED flashlight by Surpax - Causes MMS app crash issues
  • Tiny Flashlight + LED - Specific flashlight app that does cause issue
  • Tunnel Bear- VPN application 
  • TV Listings & Guide Plus - Interferes with WiFi connectivity in some cases
  • US Topo Maps - Causes flickering different colors of light on the screen in back camera
  • Weatherbug app - causing choppy WiFi after EMR update 
  • WeatherUnderground - MMS: Error "Unfortunately Messaging App Has Stopped"
  • Word Blitz - Causes Pop-up advertisements
  • Yik Yak - Cause not available 
  • Zedge - Issues with sounds and notifications 

Additional Notes

The above list includes applications that may no longer cause problems, as version updates could correct issues.  However, we keep applications on the list for historical use.

Additionally, different operating systems (Android 5.1 Lollipop, Android 8.0 Oreo) may not have the same concerns with the same apps.  

As we are not able to test every third-party app, it is possible that another app that is not included in this list could be causing trouble. 

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