How to Test if Your Moto E4 or Moto G6 is Charging Properly


  • To test if a phone is charging properly


  • Moto E4
  • Moto G6
  • Android 7.1.1 and above


  1. Enable Safe Mode
  2. Enable Airplane Mode
  3. Connect the phone to the charger
  4. Leave the phone like this for six to eight hours or until the phone reaches 100%
    • Note: Do not unplug the phone
  5. Open the Settings app
  6. Tap Battery to review the battery life and charging information
  7. If you have an open Help ticket, take a screenshot of the information shown
    • Note: you may need to take more than one screenshot to capture all the information
    • Note: take the screenshots before removing the charging cable
  8. Attach the screenshot(s) to your Help Ticket

Additional Notes

A good time to perform this test is during the evening, leaving the phone overnight to test. 

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