How to Set up a New Phone by Restoring a Backup from Your Google Account



  • Set up a new phone by restoring a backup from your Google account



  1. Power on your phone
  2. Select preferred language from drop down and tap Let's Go
  3. Tap Copy your data
  4. Connect to a WiFi network
  5. After reading privacy notice, tap Accept and Continue
  6. Tap A backup from the cloud
  7. Enter Google account username and tap Next
  8. Enter Google account password and tap Next
  9. Read the Google terms of service and Tap I Agree
  10. Locate the back up that you wish to restore from the list
  11. Tap the backup
  12. Tap the dropdown menu with 9 squares that says Restore all (number) apps
  13. Uncheck the apps that you don't wish to restore by tapping them
  14. Tap RESTORE to restore selected apps
  15. On the Unlock with fingerprint page, tap Skip
  16. Tap Skip Anyway when prompted
  17. On the Google services page, select your preferred services
  18. Tap Next
  19. On the Meet your Google Assistant page tap NO THANKS
  20. On the Anything else page, tap ALL SET

Additional Notes

All items that were skipped in Steps 14-19 can be set up later and can be found your phone's Settings app.

WARNING: When setting up a Republic Wireless 3.0 phone from a Republic Wireless 1.0 or 2.0 backup, please delete the old Republic Wireless applications that get brought over and install the application fresh from the Google Play Store.

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