What Do the Letters in My Cell Indicator Mean?


  • All Republic Wireless phones
  • GSM
  • CDMA


The letters refer to the cell network that your phone is connected to. Each network runs at a different speed. Below are other letters you may see, along with their associated network name and speed (listed from fastest to slowest):

  • LTE is the fastest network and is commonly known as 4G.
  • H+ (HSDPA Plus) runs at 3.95G speeds
  • H (HSDPA) runs at 3.5G speeds
  • 3G (​UMTS) runs at 3G speeds
  • E (EDGE) runs at 2.5G speeds
  • G (GPRS) runs at 2G speeds
  • No letter means voice only service.
  • R or △​ means roaming service. 
  • X means that you do not have cellular data included in your plan

Additional Notes

To test data speeds, see How to Test Cell Data Speed

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