How To Limit Cellular Data Usage on Common Apps


Change settings in commonly used apps to reduce the amount of cellular data being used. By changing these settings, you can choose a monthly plan that doesn’t include as much cellular data, which can save you money.

How Apps Can Use Up Your Cellular Data

Most apps use some form of data connection (WiFi or cell) in order to provide content to a user. These apps are designed to automatically use whichever data source is available, so when away from WiFi, the app will use cellular data instead. Often, these apps can end up using quite a bit of cellular data in order to load videos, images, etc.

While cellular data access can be completely disabled in order to prevent unwanted data usage (see the Additional Notes section below), this will render some apps unusable when away from WiFi. Fortunately, some apps have settings within the apps to limit the amount of cellular data that the app may try to use (for example, disabling Facebook from automatically downloading and playing videos). This will allow you to still use those apps without wasting data on unwanted videos/images/etc.

Below is a list of how to limit cell data in some common apps:

Additional Notes

In order to prevent all apps from using any non-whitelisted cell data, use the Data Freeze functionality in the Republic Wireless app.

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