How to Perform Basic WiFi Troubleshooting


  • Troubleshoot WiFi network connectivity issues



  1. Reset the WiFi network.
    1. Power off modem and router then wait 30 seconds.
    2. Power on modem then wait 30 seconds.
    3. Power on router then wait 30 seconds.
    4. Retest your WiFi. The next steps are not necessary if connectivity is restored.
  2. Follow the steps in How to Forget and Reconnect to a WiFi Network on Alcatel, Motorola and Samsung Phones and retest your WiFi. The next step is not necessary if connectivity is restored.
  3. How to Setup a WiFi Router to Work Best with Republic Wireless' Service

Additional Notes

It is possible that the problem is not a basic problem and may require more attention. If the issue persists after the above steps, open a Help Ticket or respond to your existing help ticket.


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