How to Remove the Start-up Security on a Moto G5 Plus


  • To remove the need to input a PIN, Password, or Pattern to start a Moto G5 Plus before the lock screen displays


  • Moto G5 Plus
  • Start-up security enabled 


  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Security
  3. Tap Screen Lock
  4. Input existing security method (PIN, Pattern, Passcode)
  5. Tap None to remove device protection (temporarily)
  6. Tap Yes, Remove to confirm
  7. Tap Screen Lock
  8. Select your screen lock method
  9. Tap No Thanks when prompted to secure start-up
  10. Continue with setting up the screen lock method

Additional Notes

When you remove the device protection, if a fingerprint was already added for security it will be removed.  This can be re-added after step 10 above.  

The start-up security would prevent all notifications and the lock picture from being visible.  Removing this feature would allow the lock screen to be visible when the phone is powered on.  

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