How to Check Advanced Wi-Fi Settings


  • To ensure Advanced Wi-Fi settings are not preventing the phone from connecting to the network


  • 3.0 Motorola, Nexus, and Pixel phones on Android 6, 7, and 8


  1.  Open Settings
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Long press your home Wi-Fi network
  4. Tap Modify network
  5. Tap Advanced options
  6. Ensure Proxy is set to None
  7. Ensure IP settings is set to DHCP
  8. Tap Save

Additional Notes

  • Incorrect Advanced Wi-Fi settings can cause connectivity issues
  • Users may need to connect to another network (e.g. work, school) when not near the network's router
  • Setting a Proxy address to manual and the IP settings to Static can allow a user to connect to a static IP address

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