Extend Home Not Working Well With MiFi Network or Mobile Hotspot Network


  • Calls do not come in to Extend Home or cell phone, either intermittently or always
  • Poor call quality with cell phone on WiFi and/or Extend Home
  • Issues do not persist when Extend Home is disassociated


  • Extend Home
  • MiFi router


MiFi networks are generally not reliable for use with the Extend Home as they either do not provide sufficient bandwidth and/or Extend Home traffic is often throttled by the MiFi network operator. There is no solution or setting that can improve this performance on MiFi networks.

Additional Notes

MiFi is a wireless router that acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, which is not to be confused with a regular WiFi network. If your Extend Home is having issues on a regular WiFi network, provided by your internet service provider like AT&T, Comcast, etc., please open a help ticket and we can absolutely assist with troubleshooting the Extend Home on WiFi networks. You may also consider trying the steps in our Extend Home Troubleshooting Guide.

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