Getting My Old Number Back After Activating on the Same Account With a New Number and Phone


  • New number is assigned after the phone is activated
  • New number and phone is activated on the same account as the old number


  • Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 phones
  • Republic Wireless 3.0 phones
  • Activation


  1. Open a help ticket and inform the support agent that you have activated on the correct account, but got a new number
    • Note: For this scenario, be sure to select Activation as the ticket category
  2. Request the agent to cancel the service of the new account on your behalf
  3. After the agent has confirmed that the service has been canceled, then you will be able to activate the phone using the same email address as the old phone number
    • Note: During the activation process, be sure to select the telephone number that you would like assigned to the phone


Activated phone as a new device instead of moving an old phone number

Additional Notes

If you are upgrading from a Moto E 1st or 2nd gen, a Moto G 1st or 3rd gen, or a Moto X 1st or 2nd gen, you WILL have to select a new My Choice Plan

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