Visual Voicemail Suddenly Missing


  • Voicemail is not listed on the Voicemail tab in the Phone app (Visual Voicemail)
  • Notifications for voicemails continue to show up


  • Motorola and Pixel 3.0 phones on Android 9.0 Pie, Android 10, or Android 11


At this time we do not have a permanent resolution. However, these steps will restore visual voicemail temporarily.


  • For 2020 or earlier Motorola phones, uninstall updates to the Phone app.
    Note: If you're not sure of your phone's model year, this is an easy step to try, and it will not cause any harm.

  • For newer Motorola phones and for Pixels, or if uninstalling updates does not bring back Visual Voicemail these two workarounds will restore Visual Voicemail as long as the Phone app stays open, even in the background.

    Option 1:
  1. Update the Phone app and any system apps like Carrier Services to the latest version using the Play Store app
  2. Reboot the phone and immediately open the Phone app
    Note: If your voicemail fails to load in the voicemail tab again at a later time, repeat step 2.

    If you are unable to restore visual voicemail with Option 1, please try Option 2.

    Option 2:
  1. Update the Phone app and any system apps like Carrier Services to the latest version using the Play Store app
    If there is still no visual voicemail on the voicemail tab continue with the following steps:
  2. Clear the App Data (Storage) on the Phone Application
  3. Reset Visual Voicemail

Additional Notes

  • To dial in to listen to voicemail see How to Access Your Voicemail
  • The list of Visual Voicemail remains visible in the Phone app until the Phone app is terminated. Use the Home button or Back button to exit the Phone app. Using the "Recent apps" button to sweep the Phone app away will terminate the app. 
  • If you have important voicemail messages you want to save, please see How to Save a Voicemail Message

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