How To Set the WiFi Calling Setting Preferences To WiFi Preferred for Samsung Phones



  • To set the preferences for WiFi calling on Samsung 3.0 phones


  • Samsung 3.0 Phones


  1. Open the Phone app

  2. Tap the three vertical dots at the top of the screen

  3. Tap Settings

  4. Tap Wi-Fi Calling

  5. Select WiFi Preferred

Additional Notes

When selecting "Mobile Network Preferred" the cellular network will be used for calls. If the cellular network is unavailable, then WiFi will be used. When selecting "WiFi Preferred" the WiFi network will be used for calls. If WiFi is unavailable, then the cellular network will be used.

It is recommended to keep the WiFi calling setting off. To disable this setting, see How to Enable/Disable WI-FI Calling Samsung Phones.

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