My Phone Won't Automatically Reconnect to Wi-Fi When I Leave the Area and Return


  • Phone won't automatically reconnect to saved Wi-Fi Network
  • Manually connect to Wi-Fi when turning off the phone or leaving Wi-Fi network


  • WiFi
  • Saved Network Settings
  • All 3.0 Republic Wireless Phones



    1. All phones except Samsung phones: How to Set Phone to Connect to Saved WiFi Networks Automatically

      Samsung phones: How to Setup Samsung Phones to Connect to Saved WiFi Networks Automatically


Your phone settings are not set up properly and your phone has "Turn on WiFi Automatically" turned off. Turning the setting on will allow your phone to reconnect to saved WI-FI

Additional Notes

If your phone settings already has this turned on, you can open a Help Ticket with Republic Help for further assistance on why your phone is not connecting to your Wi-Fi

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