My Phone No Longer Connects to My Company's WiFi Network (But Did Before)


  • Phone no longer connects to an enterprise (office, business) WiFi network it used to connect to


  • Android 11
  • Insecurely configured WiFi networks with WPA2-Enterprise security 


The WiFi network administrator will need to provide steps to connect securely or will need to change the network security configuration


The "Do Not Validate" option in the "CA certificate" dropdown menu has been removed from the "Add network" options in Android 11.

Note: This is not a Republic Wireless change; this is a change within the Android 11 operating system. 

Additional Notes

Selection of the "Do Not Validate" option prevents the phone from validating any security certificate while connect to that WiFi network, even when browsing websites, putting the phone's user at risk of leaked personal information.


See also: for additional details and information you can share with your network administrator

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