How to Move a Phone to Another Account


  • Move a phone to a new or other account 


  • Any Republic Wireless Phone
  • Two or more Republic Wireless Accounts
  • Help Ticket Tool


  1. If the phone you want to move is assigned to a user, un-assign the user.
  2. Open a Help Ticket to get the service line associated with the phone canceled. In the Reason for Ticket field select Merge or Split Account
    • Note: If you are on an Annual Payment, then you must request a coupon in that ticket for Splitting/Merging Accounts because you already made the Annual Payment. In addition please provide why you are requesting Account Split/Merge - after annual payment has started.
  3. Reactivate the phone with a new phone number using the new/other account's log-in credentials.

Additional Notes

If the phone being moved is currently on one of our 1.0 Republic Wireless plans, it will initially be activated onto one of the 2.0 Republic Refund plans. Ask your Republic Help Agent about getting reverted back to your original plan after activation has completed. 

If moving the phone number to a different or new phone on a separate account, seeHow to Move a Number to a Phone on a Different Account

If Moving a Phone AND it's number to a different account, see: How to Move a Phone and Number to a New or Other Account

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