Once I've Paid Off My Overdue Balance, When Will My Phone(s) Be Reactivated?


  • Suspended Account
  • Canceled Account


If your account is Suspended: It can take up to a half-hour to an hour for the phone(s) to be turned back on after payment, though it is usually faster than that. If your phones are not reactivated within 30-60 minutes, we suggest signing in to your account to ensure the balance is no longer showing as due just in case there were any issues with the payment.

If your account is Canceled: After paying the overdue balance, your service will not be automatically restored because your account has been canceled. Please see Can I Reactivate My Canceled Republic Account?  for more information on if your account can be reactivated.


Additional Notes

If the balance is still showing as due, we suggest reaching out to your bank, or credit card company, for more details. Sometimes they just need for you to authorize the "E-commerce"( also called online purchasing) charge, and then you'll be able to update the card to the same one, so that you can manually initiate another charge to the card right away - or you can email us back, and we can have our billing team charge the card again, but this will require more time, as we work tickets in the order they are submitted.

If the balance is showing as paid but your phone is not working, please email us right away and let us know so we can look into this for you.

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