Can I Use a Deactivated Phone for Media Playback?



Yes. Your phone will still receive a data while connected to WiFi, similar to how a tablet works. Bluetooth would also work without active Republic Wireless service.  For listening to music or videos, using the headphone port, built-in speaker, or Bluetooth for media playback will work.  If your phone has an FM radio application, this will also work using a pair of headphones.  

Streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify would connect using WiFi but not over the cellular network.  

Additional Notes

The Republic Wireless application can't be removed from these phones. To prevent the Republic Wireless application from constantly prompting for activation, you may disable notifications for the app.

To save battery life, you may want to enable airplane mode and then turn on WiFi (and Bluetooth if wanted).  This will prevent the phone from attempting to search for a cellular signal, which it won't use while deactivated.   

  • Enabling airplane mode will prevent the FM radio from connecting
  • The Moto X1 and Moto X2 do not have an FM radio application

A deactivated phone will also work as a camera without active service

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