How to Trade Phones with Another Member Without Swapping Phone Numbers


  • To trade phones with another Republic Wireless account owner without swapping phone numbers


  • Two separate Republic Wireless accounts


  1. Both owners must cancel their phone's service: How to Cancel Your Service
  2. Trade the phones
  3. Both owners will need to Activate Your Phones with a temporary number
  4. Both owners must Open their own Help Ticket using their email address from the individual accounts, stating that old number, (xxx) xxx-xxxx, needs to be restored to replace the temporary number (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

 Additional Notes

If a phone is activated using an email address different from the owner's on each account, it will result in a new account being created.

Note that if one of the phones being traded is on a Republic Wireless DEFY plan or Republic Wireless 1.0 plans, it will be activated with a Republic Refund (2.0) plan.

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