"Using a Wireless Network Outside Your Country and You Will Be Charged Additional Fees for Data Features."


Error "using a wireless network outside your country and you will be charged additional fees for data features. Would you like to enable data roaming and accept charges?”


  • Moto E1
  • Republic Refund (2.0) plans


Enable data roaming as prompted


This is a generic message that will show on this phone, and doesn't account for the fact that data roaming is included at no additional charge with our Republic Refund (2.0) plans.

Additional Notes

  • While roaming data doesn't cost extra on our Republic Refund (2.0) plans, your allotted data will drain faster when you access cell data in roaming areas, (i.e. 1 MB on roaming counts as 18.3 MB against the monthly limit)
  • If you're using the 1.0 Plan, which doesn't include data roaming, you'll still want to enable data roaming so that text messaging will work while roaming

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