What Should I Expect Once I Transfer My Number from Republic Wireless?


  • Transferring a phone number from Republic Wireless


The new carrier holds all of the information about the port and the transfer process will take anywhere from 48 hours to 10 days, but the average is 72 hours.  You can expect to receive calls and texts to both of your phones during this period. Once the transfer is complete, your Republic Wireless service line will cancel. 

Additional Notes

Please keep in mind that Republic Wireless numbers are considered VoIP (Voice Over Internet) numbers. We are recognized by companies as landline instead of wireless. Porting numbers from Republic Wireless may take longer than expected.

Please contact your new carrier to find out the date and time when the port will complete.

In rare cases, the service does not cancel out on our end. If the new carrier confirms that the port has been completed, please open a help ticket.

Canceling service during the transfer process can result in a permanent loss of the phone number being transferred. 

Please see: How Long Does it Take for My Number to Transfer?

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