"Not Quite Ready Yet Code: RA-401 Unauthorized Service Line" When Trying to Use Republic Anywhere on a Computer


  • Receiving error "Code: RA-401 Unauthorized service line"
  • Unable to login to the desktop client


  • Republic Anywhere desktop client


In order to log in to Anywhere, members must log in with an email address that is on file for their associated phone number/service line. If the service line has not been assigned, the owner email address can be used to sign in.

For steps on assigning a user, see How to Assign a User to a Phone

If the issue persists when attempting to log in with the assigned user, try un-assigning the user, and then re-assigning it.

For steps on removing a user, see How to Un-Assign a User

If the issue persists when attempting to log in with the owner, or after attempting the above, please open a help ticket so our Help Team can assist further.


This error message could have a few different causes, but the most common is that the member is attempting to log in with a contact that is not associated with a service line on the account.

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