Phone Hangs Up After Entering Voicemail Password


  • Calling into voicemail using Republic Wireless phone doesn't load correctly
  • Phone hangs up after entering voicemail password



Any one of the four following tips can improve the entry of touchtone codes over WIFi

  1. Mute the call while entering the password
  2. Enter the password slowly, allowing a pause for up to a full second between each number
  3. Try calling with the WiFi setting turned off


The tones that correspond to each number on the keypad are not transmitted as well over WiFi calls, either due to the Republic Wireless app or to the nature of the WiFi call.

Additional Notes

For all phones except the DEFY XT, using visual voicemail may be an easier way to access voicemail directly from the phone 

If voicemail remains inaccessible, please open a Help Ticket

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