What is Extended Coverage?


  • CDMA Coverage


This is an off-network area. When you are off-network, your phone calls are entirely relying on the local carriers. This means that we have no control over your calls when you are roaming in an extended area. For this reason, we cannot guarantee cellular coverage when you are off-network. You may find that local carriers will choose to support or deny your phone calls at any time without warning. You might even see that local non-CDMA carriers decide to support one Republic Wireless device, but not another. Because we do not have control over these networks, we do not have the ability to alter off-network calls to improve your experience while roaming. Unfortunately, that means sometimes you no longer can roam where you once were able to. Our CDMA partner is continually updating their roaming agreements with local carriers. So it is possible that one of those agreements has changed in their area, which would cause them to no longer have roaming service.

Additional Notes

To ensure you have the most up to date coverage areas, you can perform a Preferred Roaming List (PRL) update on your phone. Click on one of the following links for instructions:

What is CDMA Coverage?

Republic Wireless Coverage Map

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