Unable to Update Payment Information


  • Credit Card won't finish updating


  • All active Republic Wireless Accounts


  1. Call Dish support at: 866-550-9843 for assistance
  2. Clear the cache, cookies, and history of your web-browser:
  3. Update your payment information

Option 2: Use an Incognito Window in Chrome

  1. Open Incognito window in Chrome
  2. Update your payment information

Option 3: Use a Different Web Browser

  1. Open a different web browser
  2. Update your payment information

Option 4: Use a Different Device

  1. Use a different device to access and update your payment information

Option 5: Re-Type All the Information, Even If It Is the Same

  1. When entering your credit card information, be sure to re-type everything (name, address, payment information)

Additional Notes

If you cannot find the option to update your payment information, you may be logged in as an assigned user on the account instead of the owner. Please contact the owner of the account, use the correct login credentials, or get help from Republic Wireless for further information.

If you see "You currently do not have any active phone" under Your phones, refer to Why Does My Account Show "No Active Service Lines" When I Log In?

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