How to Use My Email Account to Start a New Account from an Existing Account


  • To split account and use User's email to create a new account
  • To move a phone Number Only (not the phone) to a phone on the new account 



  1. Have the Owner remove User's email by following the steps in this article

    How to Un-Assign a User 

  2. Use the unassigned email account in step 1 to create the new account while activating the new phone. You will get a Temporary number. 
    • Note: If you are on an Annual Payment Option, you must open a Help Ticket to request a coupon BEFORE Splitting/Merging Accounts because you already made the annual payment. In addition please provide why you are requesting Account Split/Merge - after annual payment has started.
  3. Follow the instructions in this article: How to Move a Number to a Phone on a Different Account

Additional Notes

Keeping the User's email will prevent the User from using this email address to make his/her own account

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