How to Activate a Republic Wireless 3.0 Phone with an Already Active GSM SIM Card




  1. Make sure the phone is off
  2. Install the GSM SIM card using our installation instructions
  3. Power on the phone
  4. Connect the phone to WiFi 
  5. Update or install the Republic app from the Google Play Store
  6. Open the Republic app
  7. If the Republic app initiates an activation process, follow the on-screen prompts
  8. Restart the phone

Additional Notes

  • Once the SIM card is activated on your new phone, your old phone will automatically be deactivated for Republic service. Apps that are not related to calling and texting will continue to work on WiFi. Before transferring ownership of your old phone, factory reset the phone to remove your personal content.
  • For instructions on activating a BYOP phone on CDMA, please see: How to Replace a CDMA 3.0 Phone with a BYOP Phone
  • A used GSM SIM card expires 20 days after it is deactivated.

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