What Is a Prorated Credit or Refund?


● Republic Wireless DEFY plans
● Republic Wireless 1.0 plans
● Republic Refund (2.0) plans
● My Choice (4.0) plans


A credit or refund based on the percentage of the recurring billing cycle. 

Additional Notes

  •  Republic Wireless 1.0 and My Choice (4.0) plans will not be reimbursed for unused service or data when the account is canceled
  • Republic Refund (2.0) offers an account credit or refund at the end of each billing cycle for any unused data.  When canceling, you will not receive a refund for unused service.
  • Upgrades on the Republic Wireless 1.0 plan will be charged the prorated difference between the old plan and the new plan for the remainder of your billing cycle
  • Upgrades from Republic 1.0 or (2.0) plan to a My Choice (4.0) plan
    • You will receive a credit for the unused portion of your previous plan
    • You will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of your billing cycle for the new plan
  • If downgrading a Republic Wireless 1.0 plan a credit may be reimbursed on the account for the difference between the old plan the new plan
  • A reimbursement when given, if the account is opened will be applied in a form of a credit towards the Republic Wireless account to be used towards any monthly recurring charges or any transaction thereafter

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