Will I Need a New SIM Card When I Deactivate My Phone?



Our GSM SIM cards can only be re-used within 20 days of the service being canceled.

Our CDMA SIM cards come in a variety of versions, and each phone is compatible with only one version. If you're planning to use the SIM card in a different phone, please contact Republic Help first with information about the phone you plan to activate so we can check compatibility.

Additional Notes

If your previously-active GSM SIM card has been deactivated more than 20 days, you will need a new SIM card. GSM SIM cards can be purchased through the online store or obtained by opening a Help Ticket.

CDMA SIM cards are not sold online and must be requested by opening a Help Ticket. Please note that only certain phones are able to support CDMA SIM cards. For more information see:

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