How to Confirm ICCID and Provide SIM Card Info to Republic Help for Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones


To confirm ICCID and provide info about your SIM card to Republic Help



Option 1: Through the Republic Wireless App (requires app version 3.22 or higher)

Note: If you're unable to use the Republic Wireless app, skip to option 2 below

  1. Open the Republic Wireless app
    • If you are already activated, navigate to the Settings tab in the Republic app, tap 'About', and then tap on your phone number to bring up the Phone Info screen
    • If you are not yet activated, tap the "i" in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Ensure the ICCID is shown on the Phone Info screen.
  3. Take a Screenshot of the information and attach it to your Help Ticket
    • Please make sure the small triangle cell signal at the top right corner of the screen is visible
  4. Attach the screenshot(s) to your Republic Help Ticket

Option 2: Using a 3rd Party App

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for SIM Card Details app
  3. Download and install SIM Card Details app
  4. Open SIM Card Details app and locate WhatsInSIM at top of display
  5. Ensure SIM information is shown
  6. Take a Screenshot
  7. Attach the screenshot(s) to your Republic Help Ticket

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