Can I Use My Old SIM Card in My New Phone?




The answer depends on the circumstances:

  1. Swapping from a 1.0/2.0 phone to a 1.0/2.0 phone: These phones were sold by Republic Wireless with a SIM card installed and that SIM card cannot be moved to another phone. If you do not have the original SIM card for the replacement phone, open a Help Ticket. Our Help Team will need to prepare a SIM card for your phone and will do so at no charge. 
  2. Swapping from a 1.0/2.0 phone to a 3.0 phone: The 1.0/2.0 SIM card is not compatible with a 3.0 phone. Order a new Republic Wireless SIM card
  3. Swapping from a 3.0 phone to a different 3.0 phone: There are multiple types of 3.0 SIM cards. If yours is GSM, it can be moved to your new phone. If it is not GSM, open a Help Ticket for a replacement SIM card. 
    1. How to tell if a SIM card is GSM for an activated, working 3.0 phone
    2. How to tell if a SIM card is GSM by looking at the SIM card

Additional Notes

When you open a Help Ticket to request a new SIM card, include:

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