Can I Cancel an Account for a Deceased Account Owner?


All Active Republic Wireless Accounts


Yes. Open a help ticket requesting account cancellation and include one of the documents from section 1 and one of the documents from section 2, below.

Section 1: Legal documentation that you are authorized to handle business matters for the deceased (submit one)

Note: In some states, alternative documentation may supersede the documents mentioned below.  If this is the case, please provide this information when opening your help ticket.

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Letter of Independent Administration for Succession
  • Letter of Appointment of Executor or Power of Attorney (POA) only if the POA was valid at the time of death. If the POA expired before death, please provide one of the other two documents.

If you do not have any of the section 1 documents, you may get the Letter of Executorship by going to the Probate court.

Section 2: Legal proof that the member is deceased (submit one):

  • A copy of the member's death certificate
  • A copy of a relevant police report
  • A sworn affidavit of death

Additional Notes

  • Be sure to include all pages of the documents you provide.
  • Republic Wireless can assist the only Executor of the Estate or the Person with the Power of Attorney with cancellation.
  • Verification and cancellation require management review during normal business hours. 
  • A Marriage certificate is not one of the documents that Republic Wireless can use.

While we understand the tremendous sadness felt by those taking care of such matters, we must protect the privacy of all of our members. The above requirements are not meant to impose additional burdens upon grieving families, but are in place to protect all of our members from potentially fraudulent activity.

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