Can I Cancel an Account for a Deceased Account Owner?


  • All Active Republic Wireless Accounts


Yes. Open a help ticket requesting account cancellation and include one of the documents from Step 1 to prove that you are authorized to handle business matters for the deceased and one of the documents from Step 2 to confirm that the member is deceased:

  1. Either a Last Will & Testament, Letter of Independent Administration for Succession, Letter of Appointment of Executor or Power of Attorney (POA) only if the POA was valid at the time of death.
    • The POA must be valid before the time of death.  If the POA expired before death, please provide one of the other two documents. 

    • In some states, alternative documentation may supersede the documents mentioned above.  If this is the case, please provide this information upon opening a help ticket.

    • If you do not have either one of these documents, you may get the Letter of Executorship by going to the Probate court.
  2. Also, please include either a copy of the member's death certificate, police report, or sworn affidavit

Additional Notes

Depending on the document provided, please be sure to include all pages of the Last Will & Testament, Letter of Appointment of Executor or Power of Attorney (POA)

Once verified, the ticket will be escalated to the proper queue where the cancellation process will be completed. 

  • A Marriage certificate is not one of the documents that Republic Wireless can use.

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