How to Apply a Coupon or Promo Code to Your Phone or Accessory Order


  • To apply coupon code to an order



  1. Go to the Republic Wireless Online Store
  2. Select the phone you want or for which you're purchasing an accessory
    • If purchasing an accessory, you can find them at the bottom of the phone's page
    • If purchasing a phone, select the color and storage capacity you want
  3. Click Add to cart
  4. Click Checkout
  5. Fill in new account information -OR- click Returning Customers Log In if you already have a Republic account
  6. Under Payment Options, click Enter redemption code or Enter Promo Code
    • If this option is not seen, click the Pencil Icon to view this option
  7. Enter the coupon code
    • Coupon code is case sensitive
    • Cardholder info will still need to be filled out even if the coupon covers the full order cost

Additional Notes

  • Please enter the coupon code as it appears exactly without any spaces in front of or behind the code
  • Coupon codes can only be used once unless otherwise specified
  • Personal coupon codes created Republic help expire after three months

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