Why Does My Phone Show Data Usage When I'm Not Using Any Data Applications?



While you may not be using your phone with applications such as Google Chrome, your phone will use what is technically considered to be "cellular data" for some services, such as texting and picture messaging.  This data usage would show in the Data Usage screens in your phone's traditional settings menus under "Data Usage" but won't show in the Republic Wireless application under Data Usage. 

However, you won't be billed for this data usage, and you should also leave data enabled for these services to work.  If you don't have a data plan, "Disabling data" on your phone will cause potential issues with messaging when you're not connected to WiFi.  

Additional Notes

If your concern is that the Republic Wireless application is showing a vastly different amount of data usage from your phones "Data Usage" screens found in Settings, you may want to review Why Does My Phone Show Different Data Usage Than the Republic App?

If you'd like for Republic Help to review this further, please follow the information found in How to Provide Data Use Records to Republic Help for 3.0 Motorola Phones and we can review exactly what your phone's data usage is based on the applications your phone is using. 

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