What Changes Can a User Make on the Account?



Users can:

  • Change the name and email address associated with their service line
  • Reset their password
  • Change caller ID
  • Request a Number Transfer to another provider
  • Edit a Number Transfer request
  • View their usage and call history
  • Open Help requests
  • Troubleshoot issues on their phone
  • Request a GSM to CDMA SIM card swap
  • Request to bulk delete their voicemails (for their service line only)
  • Log in to Anywhere on additional computers, tablets, or phones
  • Can change their PIN assigned under their user account

Users cannot:

  • View or change billing info
  • Cancel a service line
  • Place an order
  • Change their plan or phone number
  • Activate new phone on the Account
  • Give permission for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Additional Notes

Contact the account owner for changes or actions which users cannot make

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